Berenice Marlowe Stunning hairstyle

She is a popular French actress and for playing the Bond girl in the “sky fall” which is the twenty third James bond film. She has also done interesting television role like she did the comedy role in the UN bonheur n’arrive jamais Seul and of Omega watches she is an ambassador. In fate she is a strong believer. She is famous for her different and unique hairstyles. Her hairstyle makes her special and different from others. In this article, we will talk about her hairstyles that you can try it for any special occasion or for a party. Some of them are as follows.Berenice Marlowe hairstyle

Messy Updo:

Messy updo styles are always in fashion, but not only updo it take two or three combinations. She made the messed updo on the premiere of the James Bond film “sky fall”. In that updo she included the side swept bangs, which was looked cool. With this hairstyle she rocked the premiere. The advantage of this type of style that can make your face prominent and your jewelry can also be seen very easily. With this you can add dangling hearing which totally perfect on it.Berenice Long Messy hairstyle

Long Hair Hairstyle:

One of her other hairstyle she looks gorgeous on the long hair. On the long hair she did a wavy cut with looks entirely different. Only long hair can’t work the main thing how much you work with your hair.

This type of hairstyle looks awesome. She made this style on the Brit award 2013. Her curly captures the people’s eyes. It will not take too much time to make this. You can easily make for any party. In prom or in any party you can try this type of hairstyle.

Another hairstyle she made with the long hair which also contain wavy hair with the side bangs. The previous one was two in one this is three in one, which looks perfect. This type of style you can make in party. Mostly the teenagers are following it this type of pattern either for in universities or for any special party. It is a two tone hair down in the wave long messy hair. With this she wore the romantic purple gown and little makeup. She did smoky eye makeup on her eyes which look perfect. So these are few types of hairstyle of her which are very easy to do and it won’t take too much time for making this.Berenice Long Long Hair Hairstyle Berenice black shining Hair

Berenice brown Hair

Berenice curlyHairstyleBerenice lovely Hairstyle

Berenice Marlowe Messy Hairstyle

Berenice Marlow party Hairstyle Berenice Marlow short HairstyleBerenice Marlow simple Hairstyle

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