Flattering Hairstyles for Round Face shape

Woman faces have different shapes so they need to choose hairstyles according to their face. Some women have a square shape; some have a heart or oval shape while some women have a round shape.

We would also like to tell you about applying hairstyles which are suitable for round shape. If you also have a round face then it will be beneficial for you to know about choosing the best hairstyle for you.

Round face doesn’t mean that you are fat, but yes, it gives a bit fat look to your face but by wearing the appropriate hairstyle you can give a slimmer look to yourself.

Before discussing about some round face best hair styles, we will let you know about determining your  forhead  shape.

Figure out your Face:

1. Measure your face shape with the help of a ruler or tape measure that will help to find the shape of the face.

2. First of all, you need to measure your face across the top of cheekbones between the widest points then measure jaw line.

Measure forehead at the widest point, which will be present between your eyebrows and hairline.

You will measure face not entire head from the widest point of forehead to the bottom of the chin. Another way forward to figure out the shape of the face is to drape your face with a towel and ask others to help you in making an outline from lipstick on the mirror.

It will show the structure of your shape and you will be known about your shape of the face. This is an art not a science at all.

Round face Celebrities Hairstyles:

Many celebrities have round faces and they wear different hairstyles. Ginnifer Goodwin has her own trademark of hairstyle Pixie. She has a Pixie haircut with an edge. She has given a dimension by giving her hair spikes slightly.

Layered hairstyle also goes very well with round shaped faces. Layer with a slight bang having long edge looks good.

Pinning back your hair if you have a round shape with giving curls to hairs will play up with round face. This cute hairstyle is worn by celebrities, Alexandra Breckenridge.
You can frame your face by having long bob-cut or layers with hipster haircut. It would look good if you have round face and it will make your look of face a bit angular. This is the hairstyle of Christina Ricci.


Wave also looks good on round face and many celebrities wear waves with a layer or without layer. Shoulder length or long length of hair is a perfectly fine length for round face. The face should have hair around it; this style will create line and will draw attention away from face round edges.

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