Kids Can Have Fun Skating, Stay Safe & Look Cool Too

Skating is fun for kids, but it is necessary that they follow some safety rules, so that they stay safe while having fun. It is up to the parents to instil a proper attitude in their children and help them understand the importance of taking precautions. This sport, though fun, has a room for serious injury and therefore, the skaters must have the right safety gear.

Here are some safe skating practises that kids must follow.

If the kids are skating on the footpath, then they should remain on the footpath.
Watch driveways as cars will not be able to see you.
Skate towards one side and be courteous towards sidewalk users.
Skate on smooth surfaces.
Wear safety gear.
Step aside for other people.

There is a safe way to fall. Parents should teach their kids how to fall so that they do not get hurt. The right way to fall is to crouch down if you feel that you are falling. This minimises the impact of the fall by reducing the distance to the ground.Kids-Can-Have-Fun-Skating,-

Check skates for any problems before using them. There should be no broken or loose parts. If there are, then ensure that the item is not used before it is repaired.

In addition, use a helmet with chinstrap that can be tightened and does not wiggle. This helmet is similar to the helmet that you would wear when cycling. It protects the head and prevents any head injuries.

Ensure that the child wears the helmet correctly. It should be in a level position. Make the following checks when the helmet is placed on the head.

Eyes Check– When you look up, you should be able to see the helmet’s bottom rim. The distance between the rim and the eyebrows should be a width of 2 fingers.

Ears Check– The helmet straps should form a “V” under the ears, when you buckle it. They should be snugly and comfortably strapped.

Mouth Check– Strap the helmet and then open you mouth widely. You should be able to feel the helmet hug your head. If it is loose, then tighten the straps and ensure that the buckle lies flat.



Snug fitting roller skates. If the skates are too tight, they are likely to twist when being used and cause spill.

Gloves are also essential. They protect the fingers. Gloves are all the more essential for beginners.

Wear wrist and mouth guards to protect your wrists and mouth

Every year, thousands of people are treated at hospitals’ emergency room for skate related injuries. These injuries can range from mild to life threatening. In some case, skaters have lost lives due to head injuries or due to collision with vehicles. Prevent such happenings by teaching your children how to have fun while following safety precautions.

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