Pink spring outfits for Women 2013

When it comes to us girls, we love the color pink. For spring 2013 many designers choose the color pink for their outfits. Pink, a gorgeous color and the variety of shades it has is awesome to make a part of your wardrobe no matter what the occasion or season. From bags, to shoes, to clothing, to jewelry designers go all out in to making the trendiest outfits possible.

Some new ideas in how to add pink to your spring collection are as follows: for a day look try pink high heels on a plain off white shirt and a denim jacket with pink and white nails. For an evening look try pink maxi dresses paired with your favorite jewelry or for a night looks try a pink jean on your favorite t-shirt. Pink is always in fashion because the color is plain and beautiful and it also attracts attention. Pink sunglasses like the ones Snooki has, are also an awesome idea for that light pop of color you need on a sunny day. Belt Style Pink spring outfit

Even a pink hair band isn’t a bad idea at all. Handbags, jackets, pull overs, and scarves make awesome add-ons to your outfits so try them in the color pink. A variety of stores carry latest fashions that are fabulous finds during the seasonal sales. Brand stores such as GUESS? Aeropostale, and Forever 21 are awesome and trendy places to get ideas for the latest looks of the season and to catch a big steal.

With over 100 different shades of the color pink, makeup is also a high fashion statement in the spring. Pink lipsticks, eyeliners, eye shadows, and blushes can give u that right amount of attraction your outfit needs. Fashion week 2013 is a good place to get ideas for your day to day looks of the season. Most places like New York, where fashion is a big deal always women have to stay up to date and caught up with fashion constantly.

The best places to score on trends are major retail clothing stores where they display trendy and the most fabulous outfit ideas and color combinations. Pink is the new spring 2013 color, it is up to you and how you can make room for this gorgeous color this coming season.Celebrity  spring outfits

Korean Style Pink spring outfit

Pink-backless-outfitsPink Knee-length  outfit

Pink open neck spring outfit

Pink outfit for formal women Pink outfit for teenagers

Pink sleevless outfit

Pink V-neck outfits

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