Top Ten Most Popular Foot Tattoo for Women

Foot tattoos are equally popular as wrist or back tattoos. People, especially, women like to use tattooing for enhancing the beauty.

Feet are the part of the body an ultimate part, where you can expose any designing like having a tattoo. You will get nothing but pain and patience to tolerate it.

If you have enough guts to bear extra pain and you are passionate to design your foot with your favorite tattoo then you may choose any tattoo design from our top ten lists. Tattoo bodies are drawing attention of media towards them. That’s why, tattooed female are getting acceptance for any kind of tattoo on prominent places of the body. Bird--tattoo-for-women Female celebrities such as, musicians, singers, actresses, stars have taken initiative for tattoo whirlwind. Their gender and interest towards tattooing makes them more popular than they were before. Normally, we used to see men having a tattoo on their body and bear horrible pain. female are also a strong creature of God; they showed that they also can change the trend set of the world.



Top Ten Most Popular Foot Tattoo Design for Women:

1:Butterflies Design: Butterflies demands a bit of large space to be designed so do pay heed to the space you have before applying it. In other case, you may lessen the size of the Butterfly.

2:Flowers: here is a wide range and options available to have a flower as a tattoo on feet.

3:Stars: wispy design stars, nautical and shooting stars will look admirable. Hearts: heart design such as padlock with key, crossing the bow from heart shape, broken heart, heart shape with a name or word are the designs that women usually like to have on their feet.

4:Birds: birds like sparrows, dove, peacocks, hummingbird and other birds we see most at the foot of women.
celebrity-Foot-Tattoo5: Fairy: women, especially girls, used fairy enchanted and mystical designs. If you are going to have detailed design, instead of just having

6: wings, shape of fairy and surroundings outline, then choose your tattoo artist wisely.

7″Symbols: Zodiac sign, religious sign, letters of any language are also used as a tattoo symbol design. Chinese letters are more famous amongst girls.

8:Script: The name of anyone or own, phrase in numerous font colors and styles, placed on the foot, look simply great.

9:Skulls: You can see a skull design gets never old. It’s a design of every season. You may design it with crossbones, girlish skull with ribbons of pink or of any other color, eye sockets etc. It shows mortality.

10-Wings: Angle wings represent innocence and peace as a back piece with any design women choose.
celebrity-Foot-Tattoo-2013 Chinese-tattoo-for-foot colorfull-Wings-tattoo-for- flower--foot-tattoo-for-wom foot-tattoo-for-women Wings-tattoo-for-foot star--foot-tattoo-for-women  Skulls-tattoo-for-foot Script-tattoo-for-foot indian--Foot-Tattoo heart--foot-tattoo-for-wome women-fairy-tattoo-for-foot women-rose--tattoo-for-foot women-Skulls-tattoo-for-foo Zodiac-sign-tattoo-for-foot

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